“Movement is life. Without movement life is unthinkable.”

- Moshe Feldenkrais

The Studio, is a yoga, pilates and movement studio on Whidbey Island, Washington, serving its south end community since 2008. 

Located in the historic Bayview Cash Store in Langley, The Studio features exceptional facilities and a collection of premier wellness services, all under one roof.

Dedicated practitioners provide guests with a full spectrum of offerings for self care, growth and healing – no matter where you are on your personal path.

Let's journey through movement, one step at a time.

The STUDIO Staff


Jennifer Lovely, Owner / Instructor - Yoga, Pilates

Jennifer is a Certified Pilates Teacher, RYT-200, Yoga Tune-up Certified Instructor®, Yoga Nidra Certified, Professional & Personal Life Coach,  as well as a Teen Yoga Certified Teacher. She leads group, and private classes and specializes in coaching, moving people forward.
Jennifer chooses to meet each client where they are, physically and mentally, and believes movement is different for each body – as beings who are built differently, and who see things through different lenses. She enjoys learning about how the mental and emotional bodies trigger the physical body, and focusing on interconnectedness. Jennifer's focus is to empower others to live well in their bodies and to be their own guru. She is dedicated to supporting others in finding their sacred gift in the world, and coaching individuals who want to live from their highest self.  Her teaching methods and moves are inspired by all of the teachers with whom she has studied. She is committed to honor the work of each body and movement practice by honoring each client’s personal process.

Sarah Hogarth, Licensed Massage Practitioner

Susan Bremsler, Belle Fleur / Esthetician

Jenna Alexander C. Ht., Dewdrop Hypnotherapy



The Studio is a wonderful place to experience Pilates/Yoga fusion. Whether you are new or experienced, Jennifer's classes help you to maximize your workouts without causing injuries. I have been doing Pilates for 27 years. Each time I go to Jennifer's class, I learn something new. – Mollie B.

I first started classes with Jennifer as a way to up my exercise program. I had no idea I would fall in love and become somewhat obsessed with the Monday and Friday Pilates/Yoga Fusion classes. Going to these classes only made me want more! I have never been a "yoga" person, but, after trying the Thursday Yoga Flow class, I am now a full blown yoga lover. As a person who deals with back issues, if I stay consistent with classes, I AM PAIN FREE!! My classes are a priority, no matter how busy I am, the last thing to be cut from my day is my class. I've also learned, it's a huge difference if you have an AMAZING instructor. I love that Jennifer continues to educate herself, always bringing new and challenging workouts to us. I never leave a class feeling anything but, energized and connected to my body, already looking forward to the next class. NEVER THE SAME NEVER DULL. – Lisa G.

Approaching my 70's is a special challenge for me. Jennifer works with me on a weekly basis helping me to increase core strength and overall conditioning. The training is challenging and satisfying. I am always amazed at the variety of movements that we use. It never gets old and I appreciate Jennifer's attention to proper form and technique. – George B.

I have been a private client of Jennifer's since she began her business on Whidbey.  She commands a wide range of expertise, and has been extremely helpful to help me regain my strength after I incurred a serious permanent injury. My flexibility and strength have improved significantly, I can see these changes in my body, and I also feel far more connected to it since my work with her began. She is knowledgeable and sensitive, always encouraging me to challenge myself, which in turn has built my confidence. Jennifer has been a tremendous and valuable resource in my physical recovery and healing. – Sharon C.

What a gift to work with Jennifer! As a professional dancer going on 60, I have many gifts but also unique challenges navigating with my body as my instrument. Jennifer tunes into my needs before I can even speak them! She is able to clearly discern my movement weaknesses and devise specific routines that gently challenge and restore my natural body integrity. She is a true wisdom-keeper and part of my dynamic team of healing practitioners!  – Betsey B.