Acupuncture with Sonya Tsuchigane

Providing vibrant health and well being to each & every client

Individual and Community Acupuncture options available. See below for details.



is a nationally board-certified and licensed Acupuncturist. Receiving her Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City, Sonya has given over 5600 treatments at City Acupuncture New York located in the financial district of Manhattan, focusing specifically on women’s health and fertility, chronic pain, sports injuries, digestive complications, and emotional stress imbalances. Prescription herbal formulas based in classical Chinese medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and Reiki round out Sonya’s care modalities.

Since she was little, Sonya had been interested in holistic medicine. Her younger sister suffered a tragic drowning accident, which severely damaged her brain tissue. Her mother, a nurse, sought out advanced neurological techniques to treat her condition. This started Sonya on her own healing journey. She was curious about midwifery and nutrition education; however, her draw towards Traditional East Asian Medicine was the strongest, as she felt she could provide her patients with multiple points of support that comprise this system of health.

Also having dreams of an acting career, Sonya moved to NYC in her early 20s, and successfully pursued professional studio training. She landed independent film work, episodic series work, and also acted in commercials. But this passion outgrew itself, and Sonya knew her heart’s work was in compassionate and effective care. Supporting herself as a hairstylist and makeup artist, Sonya entered into a full-time 5-year-long course of study to realize her dream of holding a license in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Selective faculty internships provided expert guidance and clinical training in Japanese methods, as well as in fertility and women’s health. She is excited to provide the helping hand her patients need to be in their most vibrant health and well being.



Tuesday & Wednesdays 9-5 pm; Thursdays 9-12 pm

Home Visits may be scheduled depending on severity of condition

I am offering an introductory rate of $99 for your first visit in January

Initial Consult and Treatment $ 150 ( 1.5 hours) 

Follow Up Consult and Treatment $ 110 ( 1 hour)

Financial Hardship Rate - TBD 

Acupuncture Series (ex:  facial rejuvenation, smoking cessation) - TBD 

For those of you that have acupuncture benefits with insurance, I will no longer be credentialed, as per my previous employee contract. As an independent provider, taking insurance requires a huge investment with sadly, low reimbursement rates, at which I could not afford to run an office. I will gladly provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company as an out-of-network provider, so that you may be reimbursed. 


Community Acupuncture

Participating in a group healing space allows acupuncture treatment to be made more accessible and affordable. 

Wednesdays 1:30-3pm beginning 2.6.2019

$ 40 cash preferred

I typically prescribe a minimum of 3 treatments to see if there is noticeable improvement. Depending on the severity of the condition, I will make a recommendation for 6 - 10 treatments, and re-evaluate. Herbal Prescriptions may be indicated, as well as dietary and lifestyle / movement adjustments. 

Participating in a group healing space allows acupuncture treatment to be made more accessible and affordable.

Yoga mats and bolsters will be set up in the yoga studio, and you simply arrive, sign up for your treatment time, and lie down. Please wear loose fitting clothing. Payment and informed consent forms are handled prior to your treatment. We will have a brief discussion about where to focus the treatment, and you will rest for 40 minutes. Soothing music will be played, and an atmosphere of quiet respectful is conducted. Once the treatment is finished, you may enjoy tea, and set up your next appointment. If I sense that your condition would benefit greatly from a longer in depth private treatment, I will make that recommendation, as I would also refer to other practitioners if I feel they can help you. 

Acupuncture is part of a holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine that can restore balance and well being to anyone. Stress, Fatigue, Insomnia, Pain, Chronic Pain, Digestive, Hormonal, Mental, Pre/Post Surgery, Acute Flares, Immunity, Fertility, PTSD, are just a few of the conditions that I have treated. You need no prior acupuncture experience to be treated in a community style setting. You may prefer however, to have your first treatment as a private appointment. 

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