with Jennifer Lovely

Our bodies are designed to move forward and naturally that is what they do, they mostly want to feel good, too. Holistically when our bodies feel good our minds and hearts feel good, Our minds follow our bodies. 


Movement Forward in Life

When we work both at the same time “somatically” embodying our mind-body we get an holistic approach to wellness and overall forward movement happens in our life.

Our environment plays a big part in how you move and feel and how you connect and relate in your relationships affect your body. We can hop from workshop to workshop or class to class (we all do) hoping to find the right integration. Looking for something more to fix is actually a very HUMAN thing to do. 

Movement forward in life and our bodies is not something you do, it is something that you become from your being. Our life does not happen in a vacuum, You certainly don’t live in one either. 



What we do TOGETHER is create your life together both inwardly and outwardly. Our bodies change so do our hearts. What has worked in the past may no longer work now. We adapt, expand and reconnect. As you find freedom in your body you will always find freedom in your heart, and spirit.



Movement & Coaching requires commitment, responsibility, and growth. You can continue to work solo or you can move forward with support.  I would like to invite you to have a breakthrough in what you want to create in your outer life and your inner life. 

Movement & Coaching

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