LOVE & BEING | Emotional Sobriety

For Families/Friends/Loved ones - suffering from addiction | alcoholism | mental illness

$25 per person | SATURDAY, JAN. 12th, 11am - 1pm | BreakAway Health Corporation | 3151 Airway D1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Honestly ask yourself:

Are YOU truly living? Or are you doing time? Do you have balance in your relationship? What are the symptoms of your suffering? 

We all have experienced painful and frustrating experiences in our lives or relationships that are toxic and unforgiving, for some, so much that we can’t see ourselves out. From an abusive relationship, to living with an addict (drugs, alcohol, work, sex etc.), you pedal through an endless cycle of “good” or “bad” days based on what he or she is doing or not doing? Your own addiction becomes “them”. Your emotional “highs” or “lows” are dependent on the “addict”. Does this sound familiar?

It’s tough to break this destructive cycle without support, having the right tools and doing the work. That’s where the “Love & Being” workshop can help.

Get real life tools to support you moving forward. From self-care tools, well-being tips, and effective ways to cope. Let’s change the binds that keep you stuck where you are and move you forward towards true FREEDOM!

Walk Away With:

Daily Tools to support your well-being/self-care | Breath & Movement techniques (no experience required)  

Love & Being Workshop

In this workshop you will receive daily tools to support your well-being/self-care along with breath & movement techniques (no experience required)  


BreakAway Health Corporation, 3151 Airway D1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Lead by Jennifer Lovely

Jennifer Lovely is a Movement Teacher, Studio Owner, Personal & Professional Coach and a Mom of two young men who have struggled in Heroin/Meth addiction.

She has found her own emotional recovery through Alanon/Codependency Anonymous, Personal Development Work and Movement. Addiction and Recovery will almost always be apart of her life AND she continues to find joy, love, and being in her daily life.