Blood. Bone. and Breath. Sessions for Men

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Blood. Bone. and Breath. Sessions for Men


DONATION BASED CLASS | These sessions are designed to assist men in developing a practice of mental conditioning, structural alignment and internal strengthening. Participants will gain or deepen experience working with their energy, as well as the tools to safely and effectively increase the flow of energy within their energetic fields and physical bodies, using a fusion of modern and ancient exercise and techniques.

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During these sessions you will learn and practice:

  • Longevity Breathing Techniques

  • Bone and Tendon Strengthening

  • External and Internal Body Conditioning

As a result of these session, you will be able to:

  • Improve balance, Coordination and function

  • Spinal Lengthen and Realign the Nervous System

  • Detoxify and strengthen internal organs

  • Soften and elongate Muscles, Fascia and tendons

  • Increase resistance to fitness and fatigue

  • Develop a regular home practice that will transform your inner and outer worlds

$15-$30 donation*** Nobody is refused for lack of funds