Freedom from back Pain Workshop

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Fredom from Backpain_Square.jpg

Freedom from back Pain Workshop


Health and Well-Being of YOUR SPINE! Experience a state of deep relaxation with a guided meditation and extended savasana.
If you are suffering from an acute injury, speak with your doctor before attending. Appropriate for all levels.

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Moving and positioning our bodies in a way that supports the spine is essential to our health, well-being, and sustainability of our yoga or movement practice and relief from sitting behind a desk.

  • Explore using props and muscular engagement skills in traditional yoga postures to build stability and strength in key supporting structures.

  • Engage in gentle movements and postures to improve perception and mobility of the spine.

  • Practice simple pranayama (breath) techniques to soothe the nervous system and help manage pain.

  • Apply therapy ball rolling techniques to relieve muscular tension patterns in the hips, back, and shoulders. (YogaTuneUp® Therapy Balls)