Open Hips - Open Heart

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Open Hips - Open Heart


A 2 hour workshop by Jane Bear, devoted to soften, stretch and open the hips deeply will help you sink deeper into the earth. Focusing our movements on long holds, slow flow and gentle back bends, we will end with restorative poses and a guided meditation to calm and focus the body and mind.

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The hip joint is a ball and socket joint with the head of the femur sitting in the socket of the pelvis. There are over 20 muscles that cross the hip. The muscles and fascia that cross the joint is what can restrict movement. Our bodies adapt to what we do most frequently. Like sitting for hours with hips and knees flexed at 90 degrees. This shortens the hip flexors at the front of the hip.

Tight hips affect everything from our ability to get into poses to simply being able to pick up something off the floor. When hips are tight, we may experience pain and soreness in the pelvis and we may overuse the spine. Over time this can also affect our digestion, elimination, pelvic position, lower back & knee joints. Hip opening poses help to improve range of motion, decrease strain & tightness and align the hips and pelvis.

The hips are connected to the legs and to the core, keeping us “grounded.” When the hips are locked or clogged, it inhibits our ability to connect with the depths of our lower chakras, cuts us off from the deep wisdom and creative energies of the upper chakras, and also disconnects us from the earth.

Hip-opening can help us release emotional stagnation and instead clear space for intuition & creativity. We access freedom & ease in the mind & body as our vital energy flows fluidly.

With this sense of lightness our hearts open and shine brighter. The heart chakra is the center from which feelings of love emanate. It is associated with emotions such as joy, gratitude & generosity. This energy center is said to be the balanced place between earth and spirit. A heart chakra in harmony unites with the hearts of others and the pulse of the universe.

This workshop is Open to All Levels and All Bodies.