Wind & Rain

Walking my dogs through the village of my island you will mostly find me with ear pods in my ears and a podcast playing in the back ground. Spring and summer on the island give us a lot of noise of visitors and busy ness, and our small 1st and 2nd streets become the hustle and bustle of a small big city. Our relationship to the visitors is mixed as we love the ebb and flow of the locals and the connection we get from seeing one another weekly on our grocery trips. As I enter the local grocery store that sits in the center of our village I wave, and get the “Hi Jennifer”, Oh you have your ear pods in?” with a snicker and I grab my cart and peruse the isles for nightly catch or favorite snack. I can’t help but run into someone I know or a friend of friend and we usually chat for a minute or two, its usually about the Wind or the Rain, or the sunshine, and the whales who have visited the island recently. It is a big deal when the whales come visit, it is sacred, and should be treated as well.

I struggle with the Wind and the ain conversation, I avoid them, hint, hint, its why I wear ear pods, it’s the most obvious conversation to have, and I notice the breath that rises up from my root to calm my nerves as we begin to talk about it. It is actually one of the things that makes me suffer. Wind and Rain is not something you would contribute to suffering but it reminds me of tipping your toes into cold water and then saying over in over again that it is cold. I am someone that prefers to jump in the deep  and acknowledge that it is cold and swim, I think to myself why do we have to have the same conversation over and over again in the produce department about such obvious things. 

The produce guy will always comment when my ear pods are out “hey Jenn, you didn’t wear your ear pods”? another obvious note, but he is right, sometimes I do forget. We giggle about wearing them and how it keeps me out of the riff raft and that it makes it more difficult to get all of your items and leave the store. 

Today as I walked through 2nd Street for my morning stroll with my dirty chai latte and down to the marina I noticed barking sea lions (its mating season) and also noticed  a man and his dog and went up to say hi to the pup. We started chatting about the inevitable wind and rain, and found myself frustrated and finally I looked at his hat and said We’re you a Marine? He said I still am. I said “oh you are correct sir”, thank you for your service. He began sharing about his life here on the island, his dog, his daughter and the state of country and being politically correct, he shared his desire for more quiet and the need for more land. We talked about who he is and what he created here on the island, and in that moment we locked eyes and shook hands, nice to meet you. We chuckled about the dogs and sea lions and I went on my way, but we saw each other. 

In Africa they greet each other with Sawubona an African Zula meaning “I see you” it is more that a traditional hello, It says, I see your personality, I see your humanity, and your dignity and respect.  As I walked away from my new friend and local islander, I realized we “saw each other” we recognized each others humanity. 

As I walked back home I thought  I may dislike the surface conversations of the Wind and Rain, but I love to be seen and I love to see others. We are without tribe most of us in our world, we are without true connections, it has become scary and vulnerable to allow our “bellies” to be exposed, and the wind and rain may initially be painful to experience as surface level conversation, but over time it allows us to see the each others humanity and dignity, and really see each other. You may still see me with my pods on but I have given practice to taking them out when I go to the store to be more present and talk about the wind and the rain. 


Much love, Jennifer

Spring Allergies

Allergy Season is here and in full force. Eastern Medicine Philosophy approaches this condition with regular acupuncture to open sinus passages, fortify the immune system and balance the patient’s constitution. Ideally, treatment begins before the season, so the body handles the spring with ease. Herbal Formulas can address congestion, but won’t dry you out. Spring is the perfect time for gentle internal cleansing with sautéed leafy greens such as dandelion and arugula. Apple Cider Vinegar, Fire Cider, and  Local Raw Honey can boost immunity. Homeopathic remedies specifically formulated for Pacific North West allergens (Scotch Broom!) can ease symptoms naturally and without side effects. Make sure to rinse your hair daily and leave your outside clothes in the garage. Change pillow cases more frequently and add an air filter to your bed room. Drink Nettle tea. Quercitin is an excellent supplement during this transitional seasonal time. Lower histamine producing foods if you are very susceptible. 

Enjoy the sunshine and flowers and whales!

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

As a freelance hairstylist / make-up artist in NYC, I have always loved to work with people’s beauty. So much of our identity and confidence comes from how we see ourselves, but that is fed both from the inside and out. What I noticed in my 15 plus years of salon and photo shoot work was, that when people can see the beauty in themselves from another’s perspective, a positive transformation happens in their psyche. To look good is to feel good, and that stems from a healthy and integrated body-mind-spirit connection. Many of my clients consistently reported feeling “lighter” after I cut their hair, and I believe this is a direct reflection of old energy being removed. 

When I perform a facial acupuncture session, I am taking a comprehensive history on the client’s health, as everything has an impact. Lillian Bridges is a famous Chinese Facial Diagnostician that can tell where imbalances are located. The face is where all the meridians connect.   The points I select help to balance the overall body constitution and do the magic of increasing circulation and Qi focused on the visage. I chose to study with Dr. Martha Lucas and learn her “MeiZen” facial acupuncture technique which places up to 50 needles in the face. And now, partnered with Susan Bremser of Belle Fleur Facials, we have created a truly unique experience that is uplifting, rejuvenating and pampering. Susan uses exquisite products that enhance the skin’s texture, while the acupuncture works to smoothe, tighten, and create supple texture in the skin. Stress melts, and the neurological rest that acupuncture induces generates a refreshing lightness of spirit. 

No, it does not hurt. Acupuncture when administered with a delicate touch is practically imperceptible. Best results happen of course with a series of treatments as acupuncture is a cumulative experience. This does not replace Botox, or injectible fillers, which I see as harmful to the body, but it does take the weariness of age and stress away. If you have a reunion, a wedding or important event, please schedule 2 days prior to your appearance. Yes, there is a very small chance of bruising, but this is a risk for any acupuncture treatment. I have performed nearly hundreds of these acupuncture facials with excellent results. It is not for everyone, and we will determine whether you are a good candidate to receive the treatment based on your expectations, and health. It is not a surgical facelift but offers subtle and natural improvements that create a glow. Sometimes, treating yourself is one of the best forms of medicine. Love and cherish one’s self, so that you may love and cherish others. 

Please contact Susan or Sonya to schedule your acupuncture rejuvenation facial. 


Sonya Tsuchigane Dipl. MSOM, LAcGolden Earth Healing Artsacupuncture restores wellness

Why you need a wellness Yoga retreat

My first Yoga retreat was a few years back in Italy, I met this amazing young woman in a workshop in Seattle, and was going through a divorce, and pretty much said “F*ck it I am going to Italy…I am going to do something for me, and through out what was any of my fears, of traveling alone, being alone, not knowing anyone, and saying “its time”! I wanted to meet women who were doing the same thing as me, who were taking chances, living their BEST life, creating, feeling, and wanting something more meaningful then looking at Architecture, Churches, and statues. Do not get me wrong, those are amazing too! And I wanted something from the heart… I got that, I got more than that, I made friends, I created relationships, and I understood what “I got you means”, it means they GOT YOU! No petty drama, no gossip, just allowing ourselves to be seen.. I went on a few more.. with different people and the same people.. I created my own retreat.. because allowing people to be seen and heard and out of the normal comfort zone of their world changes people…

3 Reason YOU need a wellness retreat

Find NEW friends..Your TRIBE

One of the main reasons I keep going back is the people I meet. If you do a yoga retreat (even solo) its guaranteed, you will connect instantly with likeminded people and leave with newfound friendships. These friendships are often stronger and deeper than people you have known for years, You share openly, You are in another country, town, state, and allows our survival mechanisms to be out of the way. It allows you to connect and be inspired and motivated through out the year.

Eat Well..Live Well

If your intention is to change your eating habits, go on RETREAT most likely they will have a chef or Farm to Fork eating that allows for you to eat nutritiously and deliciously. You won’t be grocery shopping, eating out OR meal planning. You get to sit back and relax! AND EAT

Have a digital DETOX

I simply love social media, my phone and Our phones have become apart of us, we have become “addicted” to knowing AT ALL TIMES what everyone is doing, it has a name Nomophobia, Social Media is a tool to keep us connected and it keeps us disconnected. Yoga retreats keep you connected to the presence, you unplug, unwind, and enjoy your time in paradise while leaving your worries behind you…

A bonus reason… You earned it… You are worthy..of retreat

Our life are busy, stressful and we at times forget who we “really” are or were before our kids, work, spouses, all the busy..ness of life demands. Our retreat will leave you feeling, refreshed, connected, renewed, inspired and allow yourself to unplug from the outside #busyness world. You will allow yourself to remember your “being”.

Join our 7 day Southern France retreat, Our retreat is nestled in the Dordogne Valley staying in 100’s year old Chateau renovated for just that a #retreat. You will laugh, find joy, and find new found friendships…join us.

Oct 13-19th France is calling…

Treating your practice like a hobby

“I am really busy”, “super focused on my business”

focusing on one thing at a time”

“I like to work out with my friends”

“I need something different in my life”

“It’s to far to drive”

Do you find yourself saying these things? Taking care of yourself is an obligation, it is not a task. Moving more and with good nutrition and lots of water = more productive business, more fun with kids, being present with yourself, better sex, and more confidence.

Otherwise we just show up be we are not fully living our life.

Self-Care the new “BUZZ” word AND Movement is self-care it supports everything else we do in our life. Our bodies hold our worries, fears, anxieties, stress and with no outlet or release they stay inside of us and restrict our forward movement.

Instead of your movement being a “New Goal” think of it as a ‘Way of Living”. If your life has become so busy that you are avoiding movement, Let’s talk about your life.

Ultimately our movement is our life.

Self -Care or Self Intervention

Yesterday I found myself in HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) I was running around town, putting pressure on myself to buy a home, running my business, taking phone calls, had not eaten, exhausted, doing a million things an hour, finally found myself screaming, frustrated, and well in the abyss of HALT.  It has been a hell of a year. I have battled drug addiction with my two sons, one son was in jail for 10 days and all we could do is cry every time we spoke, I finished a divorce, moved to an island, bought a business and found an entire different way of living, all in one year. I have been to 3 yoga trainings and learned all sorts of NEW ways of self-care, and after all I should know SELF CARE, I teach Yoga/Pilates/Meditation. Well we all have our breaking points and anyone may feel like running naked through the center of town screaming and pulling their hair out after a year like this. However I did not, have not, but sounds refreshing, and affirming right about now. I feel like we all have mini versions of my year and maybe just mini days like this, and we do not know what to do or how to self-sooth. Our meltdowns are (by the way) never about the BIG shit. Just the little annoyances of life. We can never estimate or anticipate our reactions to life events, but we can learn to have our own Interventions. 

Here are a few that may support you:

Keep Coming back to Gratitude (although sometimes difficult)

What is present for you now? In your body, Energy, Mind, Intention and heart.

Child's Pose: Pause Button

In our life and our practice (yoga)  our breath will tell us when its time to pause. If the breath ever gets jerky, jumpy, erratic, irregular no matter what we are doing, its time to pause. Reset The System.

Cat/Cows: The movement of the spinal cord allows the nervous system to also move, habitual conditioning occurs at every level. (Physical, energy, mind, behavior, heart) Separation between any of these levels is artificial. Repetition helps us re-train our neuromuscular patterning. 

Backbends: In yoga they open our hearts (please be mindful of backbends) I say small cobras. We are strengthening our backs, to walk in this world with an open heart we have to have our own backs. 

Savasana: In this posture emphasis the sensate energy of letting go, surrender. We can know when we've really surrendered, because it feels a whole lot like savasana. 

  We all need a pause, a place to go OK, nothing I am doing is working and the responses I am receiving from the universe are NOT friendly so I may need a "Personal Intervention”. Usually with that comes a WHOLE lot of judgment from SELF. As if we need any more judgment. We can do these simple movements in our living room, bedroom, and a park. Self-Care is vital right now in our life, it is a necessary when our lives are in a state of" hyper-vigilance”, from our current political state to our own personal lives. When we focus on ourselves our lives get better. You can't heal what we don't acknowledge" small interventions allow us to heal, and acknowledge the inside stuff. 

"We can't keep what we don't give away". 

Much Love,


Welcome to the new online home of Sojourn, Yoga Pilates Movement. I'm Jennifer Lovely, new owner of our beautiful studio at Bayview Corner. I am continually amazed by this community and am inspired to reflect back what you all give me. The Sojourn team is committed to bringing the best of Sojourn to you, of what it was and what it will be, and ignite it's healing force for all our selves. I encourage you to join us: step out, drop in, live up, thrive. We'll spot you on your journey.