Self -Care or Self Intervention

Yesterday I found myself in HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) I was running around town, putting pressure on myself to buy a home, running my business, taking phone calls, had not eaten, exhausted, doing a million things an hour, finally found myself screaming, frustrated, and well in the abyss of HALT.  It has been a hell of a year. I have battled drug addiction with my two sons, one son was in jail for 10 days and all we could do is cry every time we spoke, I finished a divorce, moved to an island, bought a business and found an entire different way of living, all in one year. I have been to 3 yoga trainings and learned all sorts of NEW ways of self-care, and after all I should know SELF CARE, I teach Yoga/Pilates/Meditation. Well we all have our breaking points and anyone may feel like running naked through the center of town screaming and pulling their hair out after a year like this. However I did not, have not, but sounds refreshing, and affirming right about now. I feel like we all have mini versions of my year and maybe just mini days like this, and we do not know what to do or how to self-sooth. Our meltdowns are (by the way) never about the BIG shit. Just the little annoyances of life. We can never estimate or anticipate our reactions to life events, but we can learn to have our own Interventions. 

Here are a few that may support you:

Keep Coming back to Gratitude (although sometimes difficult)

What is present for you now? In your body, Energy, Mind, Intention and heart.

Child's Pose: Pause Button

In our life and our practice (yoga)  our breath will tell us when its time to pause. If the breath ever gets jerky, jumpy, erratic, irregular no matter what we are doing, its time to pause. Reset The System.

Cat/Cows: The movement of the spinal cord allows the nervous system to also move, habitual conditioning occurs at every level. (Physical, energy, mind, behavior, heart) Separation between any of these levels is artificial. Repetition helps us re-train our neuromuscular patterning. 

Backbends: In yoga they open our hearts (please be mindful of backbends) I say small cobras. We are strengthening our backs, to walk in this world with an open heart we have to have our own backs. 

Savasana: In this posture emphasis the sensate energy of letting go, surrender. We can know when we've really surrendered, because it feels a whole lot like savasana. 

  We all need a pause, a place to go OK, nothing I am doing is working and the responses I am receiving from the universe are NOT friendly so I may need a "Personal Intervention”. Usually with that comes a WHOLE lot of judgment from SELF. As if we need any more judgment. We can do these simple movements in our living room, bedroom, and a park. Self-Care is vital right now in our life, it is a necessary when our lives are in a state of" hyper-vigilance”, from our current political state to our own personal lives. When we focus on ourselves our lives get better. You can't heal what we don't acknowledge" small interventions allow us to heal, and acknowledge the inside stuff. 

"We can't keep what we don't give away". 

Much Love,