Treating your practice like a hobby

“I am really busy”, “super focused on my business”

focusing on one thing at a time”

“I like to work out with my friends”

“I need something different in my life”

“It’s to far to drive”

Do you find yourself saying these things? Taking care of yourself is an obligation, it is not a task. Moving more and with good nutrition and lots of water = more productive business, more fun with kids, being present with yourself, better sex, and more confidence.

Otherwise we just show up be we are not fully living our life.

Self-Care the new “BUZZ” word AND Movement is self-care it supports everything else we do in our life. Our bodies hold our worries, fears, anxieties, stress and with no outlet or release they stay inside of us and restrict our forward movement.

Instead of your movement being a “New Goal” think of it as a ‘Way of Living”. If your life has become so busy that you are avoiding movement, Let’s talk about your life.

Ultimately our movement is our life.