Why you need a wellness Yoga retreat

My first Yoga retreat was a few years back in Italy, I met this amazing young woman in a workshop in Seattle, and was going through a divorce, and pretty much said “F*ck it I am going to Italy…I am going to do something for me, and through out what was any of my fears, of traveling alone, being alone, not knowing anyone, and saying “its time”! I wanted to meet women who were doing the same thing as me, who were taking chances, living their BEST life, creating, feeling, and wanting something more meaningful then looking at Architecture, Churches, and statues. Do not get me wrong, those are amazing too! And I wanted something from the heart… I got that, I got more than that, I made friends, I created relationships, and I understood what “I got you means”, it means they GOT YOU! No petty drama, no gossip, just allowing ourselves to be seen.. I went on a few more.. with different people and the same people.. I created my own retreat.. because allowing people to be seen and heard and out of the normal comfort zone of their world changes people…

3 Reason YOU need a wellness retreat

Find NEW friends..Your TRIBE

One of the main reasons I keep going back is the people I meet. If you do a yoga retreat (even solo) its guaranteed, you will connect instantly with likeminded people and leave with newfound friendships. These friendships are often stronger and deeper than people you have known for years, You share openly, You are in another country, town, state, and allows our survival mechanisms to be out of the way. It allows you to connect and be inspired and motivated through out the year.

Eat Well..Live Well

If your intention is to change your eating habits, go on RETREAT most likely they will have a chef or Farm to Fork eating that allows for you to eat nutritiously and deliciously. You won’t be grocery shopping, eating out OR meal planning. You get to sit back and relax! AND EAT

Have a digital DETOX

I simply love social media, my phone and Our phones have become apart of us, we have become “addicted” to knowing AT ALL TIMES what everyone is doing, it has a name Nomophobia, Social Media is a tool to keep us connected and it keeps us disconnected. Yoga retreats keep you connected to the presence, you unplug, unwind, and enjoy your time in paradise while leaving your worries behind you…

A bonus reason… You earned it… You are worthy..of retreat

Our life are busy, stressful and we at times forget who we “really” are or were before our kids, work, spouses, all the busy..ness of life demands. Our retreat will leave you feeling, refreshed, connected, renewed, inspired and allow yourself to unplug from the outside #busyness world. You will allow yourself to remember your “being”.

Join our 7 day Southern France retreat, Our retreat is nestled in the Dordogne Valley staying in 100’s year old Chateau renovated for just that a #retreat. You will laugh, find joy, and find new found friendships…join us.

Oct 13-19th France is calling…