Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

As a freelance hairstylist / make-up artist in NYC, I have always loved to work with people’s beauty. So much of our identity and confidence comes from how we see ourselves, but that is fed both from the inside and out. What I noticed in my 15 plus years of salon and photo shoot work was, that when people can see the beauty in themselves from another’s perspective, a positive transformation happens in their psyche. To look good is to feel good, and that stems from a healthy and integrated body-mind-spirit connection. Many of my clients consistently reported feeling “lighter” after I cut their hair, and I believe this is a direct reflection of old energy being removed. 

When I perform a facial acupuncture session, I am taking a comprehensive history on the client’s health, as everything has an impact. Lillian Bridges is a famous Chinese Facial Diagnostician that can tell where imbalances are located. The face is where all the meridians connect.   The points I select help to balance the overall body constitution and do the magic of increasing circulation and Qi focused on the visage. I chose to study with Dr. Martha Lucas and learn her “MeiZen” facial acupuncture technique which places up to 50 needles in the face. And now, partnered with Susan Bremser of Belle Fleur Facials, we have created a truly unique experience that is uplifting, rejuvenating and pampering. Susan uses exquisite products that enhance the skin’s texture, while the acupuncture works to smoothe, tighten, and create supple texture in the skin. Stress melts, and the neurological rest that acupuncture induces generates a refreshing lightness of spirit. 

No, it does not hurt. Acupuncture when administered with a delicate touch is practically imperceptible. Best results happen of course with a series of treatments as acupuncture is a cumulative experience. This does not replace Botox, or injectible fillers, which I see as harmful to the body, but it does take the weariness of age and stress away. If you have a reunion, a wedding or important event, please schedule 2 days prior to your appearance. Yes, there is a very small chance of bruising, but this is a risk for any acupuncture treatment. I have performed nearly hundreds of these acupuncture facials with excellent results. It is not for everyone, and we will determine whether you are a good candidate to receive the treatment based on your expectations, and health. It is not a surgical facelift but offers subtle and natural improvements that create a glow. Sometimes, treating yourself is one of the best forms of medicine. Love and cherish one’s self, so that you may love and cherish others. 

Please contact Susan or Sonya to schedule your acupuncture rejuvenation facial. 


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