Spring Allergies

Allergy Season is here and in full force. Eastern Medicine Philosophy approaches this condition with regular acupuncture to open sinus passages, fortify the immune system and balance the patient’s constitution. Ideally, treatment begins before the season, so the body handles the spring with ease. Herbal Formulas can address congestion, but won’t dry you out. Spring is the perfect time for gentle internal cleansing with sautéed leafy greens such as dandelion and arugula. Apple Cider Vinegar, Fire Cider, and  Local Raw Honey can boost immunity. Homeopathic remedies specifically formulated for Pacific North West allergens (Scotch Broom!) can ease symptoms naturally and without side effects. Make sure to rinse your hair daily and leave your outside clothes in the garage. Change pillow cases more frequently and add an air filter to your bed room. Drink Nettle tea. Quercitin is an excellent supplement during this transitional seasonal time. Lower histamine producing foods if you are very susceptible. 

Enjoy the sunshine and flowers and whales!