Bridal Boot Camp

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Bridal Boot Camp


**Sweating for the Wedding **Love is in the air! 
Enjoy Yoga/Pilates
Brides now use Pilates to tone their entire body, focusing on their upper extremities (arms, shoulders and back) to look fabulous for they're wedding day. Its effective and efficient.
Results-driven for the big day: Pilates helps cinch the waist and improve posture, tones the arms and back, and creates a firm and lifted backside

Pilates increases stamina and energy, while relieving stress.
With aerobic & cardiovascular components incorporate into your Pilates Session, you burn calories and lose weight. We combine three vital components into our Brides & Weddings program to help create a lean, sculpted, and sexy body. We combine strength, flexibility, balance focused workouts. We also help you with the nutritional side of the equation. 

$599 (save $280)
6 Private Pilates lessons (6 months to use)
8 equipment classes (6 months to use)
30 days of unlimited group fitness classes, up to one class/day

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