Whether you have come to Whidbey Island as a tourist or you are a local, here are a few of my favorite things around the South End: 


PRIMA BISTRO  Jennifer and Paul have an amazing staff that are welcoming and engaging, you feel immediately at home. Their staff will chat with you as if you are an old family or friend and their food is delightful. Prima bistro salad with marcona almonds is my favorite with a good glass of wine. Their soups are amazing during the fall & winter. Always check their "Special" board.  primabistro.com

VILLAGE PIZZERIA  Whether you are sitting at the bar or a table, there is not a bad seat in the house, with sweeping views of Saratoga Pass you are poised to catch a whale or a kayaker, but my favorite is their Cheese pizza & Bloody Mary (best on the island).  via google

EDIT  This shop feels as if you have walked into France, Germany, & Amsterdam. Its subtle, yet hip, yet, simplicity feels European, and PNW. You can not go wrong, you will find something you need, or want or LOVE!  editwhidbey.com

MUSIC FOR THE EYES  Dare to be transported to another country with their rugs, jewelry, and wear. Conversation is best had as you check out!  musicfortheeyes.com

THE INN AT LANGLEY  I was lucky enough to stay there. I recommend a dinner with Chef Matt. His 8 course meal and creative, eclectic cooking style will have your mouth watering, and speechless. A MUST!  innatlangley.com


If you dare head North there are a few places to stop and enjoy! Freeland has many things besides the major grocery store.


TIMBUKTU  Delightful coffee and food! via yelp

FLOWER HOUSE CAFE  A sweet cafe that will make you feel as if you have stepped into Paris with their pastries and San Francisco with their hip music and delightful food. Do not forget to visit the Bayview Farm and garden for flowers or gifts! Amazing! bayviewfarmandgarden.com



EBEY'S LANDING  You MUST hike or walk Ebey's Landing! via WTA

3 SISTERS FARM  Delicious homemade jelly or their organic meats will make you think twice about buying NON local.  3sistersbeef.org

DECEPTION PASS PARK  An amazing Hike. Under the pass, trees, plants and views are admired, and you feel like you are on an 🌴. As you pass over the bridge (if you dare!) check out Rosario Beach, for beautiful views of San Juans! Great for a picnic.  via state parks site


Headed back out of town or just bored with the gifts for self or others try

MAKE WHIDBEY  In Clinton. Beautiful handmade items on Whidbey Island. Local artisans that slave away at their love of craft. A must visit!  makewhidbey.com

SOJOURN STUDIOS  Of course, please come visit us at Sojourn. A place where you can leave your worries at the door, be hypnotized, massaged, yoga'd and pilates'd. Along your path, we'll meet YOU wherever you are. view offerings